Function Rooms

Function Rooms

Being by the seaside and the famous white chalk cliffs of the south east, Whitecliffs Cafe offers one of the most relaxed and comfortable environments, perfect to hire out for conferences, teambuilding, business meetings, seminars, or whatever your needs require. A short drive from the centre of Brighton,our venue gives you more than adequate freedom to plan and prepare your function for any number of guests, students or employees.

One of the main benefits of Whitecliffs is it’s location. Quiet, out of the way, and free from distractions, yet still close enough to the centre of Brighton to be an easy commute, our venue offers you a simple alternative to hosting your function in the centre of the city, giving you the sense of privacy the freedom to work on your task and the distance from the buzz of Brighton to ensure your team stays focused. This out of the way, yet professional environment is a rare asset which can be instantly useful for getting your events managed correctly, as we can service for you any extra needs you may have, right on site, making us the perfect venue for your needs, with no extra bookings required.


Our Service

We offer a professional and flexible service, with our rooms being easily adjustable to accommodate any size or quantity of people. Our professional catering staff are also available round the clock if you wish to have food and drinks of any kind served during your function, as well as extra space to accommodate for scheduled breaks, exercises, team-building tasks or anything else you might what to organize through our flexible venue. Also, the proximity from Brighton’s city centre means you can easily take care of the outdoor space around the Cafe if needs be, allowing you the freedom to be creative with the functions and events you organize in a way that no other venue can offer you.

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